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An American in China: starting over
Ever wonder what it might be like to throw caution and convention to the wind and live the totally spontaneous life? Then follow LDS author Shaun Roundy around the globe for a six-month trip to the orient (Note: he doesn't make it home after six months.) Along with great stories (non-fiction) and insights, the quality of writing by this English MA and former university writing teacher will frequently take your breath away.

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Book of Mormon Adventures
This site focuses on LDS historical fiction - novels and short stories based on Book of Mormon events. Also contains resources for aspiring authors.

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CFD Publications
Books by Cheryl F. Driggs. Inspirational, preparedness, and food storage

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Chamomile Winter - LDS Fiction set in British Isles
Anne Bradshaw - author of fast paced LDS novels, Terracotta Summer, and its``sequel, Chamomile Winter. See website for further information.

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Chris Heimerdinger - Official Site
Chris Heimerdinger - Official Web Site. Chris it the author of the Tennis Shoes Adventure Series, Return to Christmas and several other LDS books and tapes.

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CleanRomance Publishing
We are an e-publisher specializing in romance, without the graphic sex, language and violence found in mainstream novels. We are open to all genres, including LDS romance. All our books are available to download directly to your computer or PDA, on floppy disk or CD-ROM.

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Follow the Light study group
Daily exerpts from an inspiring book by John Pontius plus any discussion on the subjects. Brethren and church friendly only.

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Gone but not Forgotten
Gone but not Forgotten, by LDS author Shaun Roundy is easy but gripping reading that will keep you saying

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Heaven Touched Me
Your new favorite book! ````Discover the impact of a mother. A neighbor. A friend. ````When Hannah came into my life, God became real. All of life became more meaningful. She showed me the bigger picture; once I saw it, struggles became opportunities and coincidences became blessings. ````Sometimes a life reaches further. Cares more. And lifts higher. Sometimes one is a multitude.

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Welcome to I am a writer, editor, publisher, and mentor to other writers. My publishing credits include over 900 articles, poems, short stories, and column pieces in a variety of publications throughout the United States.

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In Light of Standing for Something by Gordon B. Hinckley
Links related to Standing for Something by Gordon B. Hinckley

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Inspiring Stories by Jason Nemrow
These are powerful stories to stir your heart and inspire you to greater hieghts! Includes the full text of the published short story

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Into the Greater Light - A Cosmic Journey
Charlie the Convert standing tall on the wall of the internet telling his story of his spiritual journey from Woodstock and beyond.

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Karen Kelsay collected poems
Uplifting poetry in metered and free verse/ book available. Delightful poetry about England, the sea, children and nature.

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Katharsis is a place for writers to gather and share their writing with each other. It provides a valuable place to get critiques and learn from the experiences of others.

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Kathryn Elizabeth Jones--A River of Stones
Prologue and first chapter of LDS YA novel,

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Kim Siever's LDS & Other Writings
LDS Writings of Kim Siever. Weekly articles & commentary about LDS doctrine and practices.

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Latter-day Saints in Science Fiction
Annotated bibliography of over works of mainstream science fiction -- books, movies and short stories, with LDS characters and references. Works by Stephen King, David Duchovny, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Orson Scott Card, etc.

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LDS Book Bag
There are so many LDS books out there. Which ones have you read? What did you think of them? Most importantly, which one should you read next. That’s where we come in. LDS Book Bag was created to let people like you leave your opinion about a book and whether you would recommend it to someone else. So join the discussion and let us know what’s in “your book bag.”

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LDS Fiction & FREE short story
Anne Bradshaw is the English author of fast paced LDS novel, Terracotta Summer, and its sequel, 'Chamomile Winter', both set in the United Kingdom. The O'Shea family must find the courage to choose between forgiveness and revenge. Site also carries FREE LDS youth short story by Anne.

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LDS Writers CafT
An inspirational center for LDS writers. Get inspiration, post your writings, find writers resources, and``get together with other writers.

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LDS-Friendly Historical Novels by Joyce DiPastena
LDS-friendly medieval fiction novels. Fast-paced mystery, suspense and romance, without graphic language, violence or sex. See website for reviews by LDS readers and a description of my novels.

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Little Snowflakes: A lesson in love
The story of Emily's discovery of the love within a family, and within herself. Her family has moved with the Church to Nauvoo and they band together to rebuild their lives. Her desire to give her father a special gift opens up a family secret and teaches Emily the pains and rewards of loving. Set in Nauvoo in 1840, Emily's story brings the events of history into focus, as they would have been seen through the eyes of a young girl.

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Millennial Glory
Seventh Seal Publishing presents, Millennial Glory, Volume I, Hidden Light, a startling new novel depicting the earth's last days, as we know it by accomplished writer, Wendie L. Edwards.``Over 300 scriptural and prophetic references are included to explore this topic through gripping narration.`` ``This novel will not only help visualize the future, but will also help recognize the signs of the times as they may occur.````The adventure has just begun.

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Mission-Field Kids
Mission-Field Kids© is a fiction book series written specifically for Latter-day Saint (LDS) youth. A group of five teenagers, and a young man thrown forward in time 1,620 years, are keepers of an ancient device of amazing power - a small golden ball that can transport them through time and space. We invite you to join in the adventure. Come meet Matt, Dave, Briar, Josie, Jarom, and Nate. You can read the entire first book online: Always Time Travel on an Empty Stomach.

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Mormon or LDS Essays
Essays discussing teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormon, Latter-day Saint, or LDS Church. Also, parenting, whole wheat recipes, camping in hammocks, leadership, and training for running.

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Mormon Speculative Fiction Bibliography
A listing of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and other speculative genre novels, short stories, poetry, and nonfiction written by LDS authors.

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Mormons on the Internet
A really, really great resource on everything there is to know about the Church. Very well written, comprehensive, funny. I love this book!

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Notes of a Jewish Convert to the LDS Church:Conversion of a Soul
Advertises website owner's books and gives free bibliography, glossary of jewish terms, original short story, missionary info on Jewish life,culture,religion.

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Novaun Novels
Free SF e-books with LDS themes. Resources for finding wholesome fiction. Relief Society programs. Christmas play. Links to free literature on the web.

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Official site of author Rachel Ann Nunes
Best-selling LDS author of the Ariana series. Sample chapters,writing tips and other resources. Compelling romance, adventure, fiction, quotes. Buy autographed copies! Join mailing list!

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Official Website of Chad Daybell - author of LDS fiction
Chad Daybell writes LDS fiction novels. This site provides a behind-the-scenes look at his books.

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Plain Book of
The complete Book of Mormon online text on an 8th grade reading level. Beautiful paintings. All Free!

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Quest for Eternity by Allen W. Leigh
Free online book and essays discussing teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The book resulted from four years of electronic discussions with persons not members of the Mormon or LDS Church.

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Roger Whiting Illustration
Website for Roger Whiting, illustrator of the children's book, "I Know the Modern Prophets", published by Spring Creek Book Company

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