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Preparedness and Food Storage Mailing Lists

Cooking Challenged
this is an LDS (also known as Mormon, although people who are not LDS are welcome) email list for those who have a hard time with cooking and don't feel like a gourmet cook and would like to share ideas on how to make cooking easier and not so complicated. We will share recipes, ideas and support eachother in the never ending task of cooking.

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Emergency Essentials
Insights are free weekly articles written by preparedness specialists. They cover a variety of topics from emergency preparedness to food storage secrets. Some articles contain real life emergency experiences, while others may alert you to hazards or safety issues. Preparedness equipment is also reviewed and compared, so that you are better informed. Our food storage articles often contain recipes to provide you with delicious ideas on how to use and rotate your food storage.

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Food List
This is a list about FOOD! Anything having to do with a discussion about food is welcome on the Food List, including diets, nutrition, recipes, kids in the kitchen, pantries and storage, garnishing, cooking shows, ancient cooking traditions, useful web links, Word of Wisdom, Relief Society cooking mini-classes, Family Home Evening refreshments, and anything else appropriate that even remotely relates to food.

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Food Storage
This is a list for people to share their ideas, questions, and experiences gathering and using their food storage. Many members of the list are LDS but the list is kept off religion and off politics.

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LDS Family Recipes
This list is about LDS Families compiling recipes for use by other church members and thier friends utilizing the Word of Wisdom. There will be no money paid for recipes. This is not a chat list! This list is solely for the use of exchanging recipes. We ask that any recipes that are submitted you have tried yourself, and thusly know the outcome.

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LDS Kids Recipes
sharing recipes that kids can make themselves with little or no help. Parent's and kid's welcome.

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LDS Natural Health
This group will encourage gospel based discussions on natural foods, herbs, health care, nutrition and other topics which help us to follow the Latter-day Saint code of health. (Word of Wisdom) Also, to allow us to raise healthy and informed children.

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Provident Living
A forum for LDS families to exchange ideas on Personal and Family Preparedness, homemaking skills, etc.

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The PREP List
The PREP list is an extremely high-volume list for the discussion of disaster preparedness of all kinds, and related issues of all kinds! We cover just about everything on this list, including financial preparedness, medical aid, gardening, recipes... you name it! Everyone with an interest in preparedness and one eye on the future is welcome!

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