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LDS Object Lessons
Searchable database of LDS object lessons. Great for Seminary and Sunday School teachers.

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Ask Gramps
What is the history of temple garments?
Is it still adultery if the whole thing is just imagined in your mind?
Didnít Nephi already have authority to baptize before Christ appeared to him?
Are what these writers have written about the last days legit?
Are chakras, crystal healing and the third eye Satanic?
If Iím angry with God, how can I give a blessing?
Is Deja Vu related to the pre-existence?

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Church in the News
Report: Trump privately mocks Latter-day Saints as he publicly seeks their votes - Salt Lake Tribune
General Conference would be a good time for the LDS church to apologize to the Black community - Religion News Service
Some scholars see Trump years adding to problems abroad for LDS Church - Salt Lake Tribune
Utah LDS missionary pens viral social media post after being stabbed in her sleep in Texas - KUTV 2News
LDS Conference preview: Latter-day Saints adapt to at-home church during COVID-19 - Daily Herald
General conference: How to watch or listen to the October 2020 sessions - Deseret News
Scholars turn anew to an old question: If Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon, how did he do it? - Salt Lake Tribune

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