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LDS Object Lessons
Searchable database of LDS object lessons. Great for Seminary and Sunday School teachers.

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Ask Gramps
Why doesn’t God want to dwell with us in the Celestial Kingdom?
How did Joseph Smith justify marrying Orson Hyde’s wife while he was on a mission?
Why is a verse missing from the hymn “There is a Green Hill far Away?”
Can someone still earn celestial glory after they die if they didn’t earn it in mortal life?
Can you explain Mosiah 15:2 in easy terms?
What is food storage for?
How do I deal with a friend that focuses on criticism and brings me down?

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Church in the News
Homegrown Faith: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Cape May County Herald
Mormon leaders ask church members to wear face masks in public to defend against coronavirus - CNN
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' leadership asks Utah members to wear masks in public - Cache Valley Daily
Robert Kirby: I want my LDS Church stimulus check - Salt Lake Tribune
The Food Group receives 20 tons of food from LDS Church - ECM Publishers
This week in Mormon Land: 'The Book of Mormon,' like 'Hamilton,' may reach TV; the richest church; a first for the 'First Vision' - Salt Lake Tribune
Jana Riess: If you want to win Latter-day Saints back to the church, shame and fear are not how to do it - Salt Lake Tribune

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