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Personal Homepages for members of the LDS church

Aaron's LDS Page
My personal homepage that talks about something that I love... It has everything from basic beliefs of the Church... to downloadable hymns and links to other LDS sites.

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Alan Jones - Computerized Genealogy
Alan Jones - teaches computerized genealogy, fhc staff, fh consultant, ward website, etc.

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All About World Parrots
Stories & pictures of parrots from around the world. These parrots own us and we look after them in return for their unqualified love. They are lovely creatures and give so much pleasure to old and young alike. We have contacts and can give advice if you have a problem with your parrot. Please be aware that we are not qualified to diagnose illness and highly recommend regular veterinary visits to keep your parrots happy and healthy. Please note taht parrots can be noisy as well as quiet, just li

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Amethyst Live!
Returning LDS soldier from Afghanistan/Iraq continues to perform for audiences after entertaining the troops in the Middle East. She returned - an Amethyst!

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Analyzing Figures of Relgion
I'm Kasey and I live in the Kanesville Ward in the Council Bluffs, Iowa Stake. This site is my senior paper/project about the similarities between Jesus Christ and the Native American Great White Brother.

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Anasazi: Ryan's Room
Ryan's Room is the setting for a true story of a desperate struggle to save a young man from spiritual, mental, and physical destruction.

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Andrew McQuinn's Online Portfolio
Andrew McQuinn is a multimedia designer. His site features photography examples, audio files and website designs. McQuinn particularly enjoys designing Flash sites.

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Andrus, D. Calvin
Entry point to my genealogical, doctrinal, and other pages.

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AnnaLaura's Home Page
my personal site including links, and photos in english and french

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Baby, baby, baby
These are some tips from the journals of an LDS mom for your pregnancy.

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A family site with local links (Amarillo, Texas), family information, family history and Church information.

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Be Scrappin In A Snap
Simplified scrapbooking. Create beautiful family memories and still have time to make new memories. We have a full line of coordinated acid free paper, die-cuts, frames, albums and accessories to create beautiful layouts in minutes. Free catalog & online ordering.

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Beat Detective's Official Website
official website for the first major LDS hiphop artist/producer/label...

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Provide products that will help enhance your experience during pregnancy, childbirth and the breastfeeding period.

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Bliss Resources
Internet resources and consumer guide.

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Cockatiel Crazy!
Cockatiel Crazy, the place for all your parrot needs! From Cockatiels to Macaws this site has it all!! Info, pics, stories, music, chatrooms and lots more!

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The Message Board where BYU fans come to Chat.

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Curtis' Place
Come by and meet somebody. The links aren't exclusively LDS, although there is some LDS information here. The LDS Friends Webring is here, as well.

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David Charles Gratiot
This website is about a LDS person with Asperger's Syndrome.

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David Cole - Web Developer, Java Programmer
DavidCole.net - The online rTsumT for David Cole, Web Developer. Specializing in server-side design and programming.

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David Nishimoto's Faith Promoting Stories
6. Elijah and the Priests of Baal``5. Best Friends (David and Jonathan)``4. One Thing I Know, That, Whereas I was blind, Now I See``3. Baalim``2. Legend``1. The Love of a Women

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Donny Osmond's
Donny Osmond takes time to answer reader generated questions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has a prayerful and unique way of answering that will interest member and non-member alike.

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Doug Noble
Family, Funny stuff, Ancestors, Music, Humors one liners

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Expression of Love
This page is filled with harmony and love for all of those who suvived September 11th...it is my tribute to the lives lost so that they may be remembered.

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Free Clicks for Charity by Resis
An Index of Free Click-to-Donate Sites. Make free donations to worthy charity organizations from a single webpage!

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Gary's LDS Page
LDS resources such as icons, animated windows start-up screens, LDS Palm docs and more.

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Gen by Joy
Genealogical site with pictures and genealogies of many family Surnames

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kenya camping safaris,kenya luxury safaris,hotel booking,airport tranffers,mt kenya and kilimanjaro climbing,walking safaris,balloon safaris

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Go Cougars
A byu sports site

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Heartland Poems
Original poetry

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Heavenly Made's
This site is all about me(I am 21 single, and have a bunch of callings in the church), my family, interests, callings, church, friends, and anything else I can think to add. It's just a hobby of mine that I like to add to every now and then.

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Helaman's Army
Keeping the LDS faithful strong! Come enjoy news, discussions, articles, crossword puzzles, wallpapers, and more! A great LDS community website for the entire family!

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HillFamily dot Net
Personal homepages of the Hill Family -- Idaho, Georgia, France.

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House of Pui LDS Pages
Personal essays related to basic LDS theology and beliefs.

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Jim Swan's Page
Jim Swan direct libraries, writes books and videos, publishes articles, ``presents workshops, compiles family history and genealogy, and makes bread and cooks. The best part of this web site is Jim's genealogy.

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John W. Atwood's Christian Home Page
Pages dedicated to the Savior and his Church, with links to my family history pages.

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John Webster's LDS Resource Site
LDS Resource Site with MANY links to sources for guides, indexes, publications, scriptures, doctrinal study, books, History of the Church, church news, General Conference reports, Relief Society, Youth, Young Single Adults, Family History, Genealogy, Emergency Preparedness, Food Storage, Temples, Colleges, Family Values, Missionary Stuff, and many other LDS links.

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Kokeshi Designs
A place for missionaries and their families to buy Japanese Dolls from Japan

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Lacuna.us LDS links and essays
Here, I put essays I have written on various LDS topics, as well as many links about the church, both pro and con. I have a great interest in many, many aspects of the restored gospel.

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Lady Sunshine's World
Personal website with recipes, midis, military site, inspirational poems and songs, and stationery links.

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Ladyeagle's LDS Page
Come and visit my spirit filled pages.

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Larry and Silvia's Golden Web Site
Read about the Leach family. Access our family history, photo album, or view some paintings. Take a look at our art, poetry, or cartoons!

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Larry's Corner On The Web
My School website complete with my LDS journey journal. My church pages and my mission to see every temple.

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LDS Center
visitors can create a free family website where they can share photos, news and events, family history, and more in an easy to use and private environment.

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LDS Romance
Have you ever wanted Church standard tips on dating and romance within marriage from some people who have travelled and know what they are talking about ?

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Mary Siever - Book Reviews
Book reviews done by LDS Canadian Mary Siever.

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mormon vocabulary
Words used at church. Our aim is to translate those words in as many languages as possible.

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Monthly magazine created by renouned LDS photographer and musician Jeremy Robert Furbish. Includes articles on art, nature, music, and politics

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Mr. Spud's Dominion
My personal site about myself, my family, interests, and hobbies. I enjoy computers: everything from the A drive to Zip Disks, including all hardware, internet, and most software. Although not a testing ground, this has allowed me to learn HTML and a little bit of javascript in a very useful way.

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My CTR Ring - (801) 369-8460
My CTR Ring - My CTR Ring is a website full of FREE Clip Art, Photos, Activities, Puzzles, and more for LDS, Mormons, Christians.
359 W 1120 N
American Fork, UT 84003

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My historia de la conversion
My historia de la conversion

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Nancy's Place
Personal homepage with links to family and interests including a church page.

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Natural Health and Healing
This site is dedicated to natural health and healing from an LDS perspective. I also have information on my massage practice and my doula services.

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Nebel Luccion's Online Gallery
Artwork by LDS South-American artist Nebel Luccion. ``Paintings, sculptures, drawings, links to other art sites.

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Neibaurs Happenings
Darrick and Krista Neibaurs family activites and updates!

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Pencil Art of President Hinckley - (801) 651-8974
My sister is an artist who finished an amazing picture of President Hinckley based on the photo taken by Boyd Ivey. Mr. Ivey was so impressed by it that he gave her permission to distribute copies of it. Iím so proud of my sisterís talent!

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Plain and Precious Things
The most important things in my life are shared on my site. Come visit.

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Provoncha Family Home Page
Personal and Family History site. Contains Provoncha and related Families plus Links to 7,000 plus family names and information.

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Ratcliffe Family Website - (078) 629-3685
The Ratcliffe Family Website contains many LDS resources: Missionary resources and experiences, free videos and Books of Mormon, Ralph Thomas stories, spiritual thoughts quotes and stories, about us and much more.
Buckstrasse 26 B
Endingen, 5304

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a personal website for my stuff, and my church stuff. I should be adding tons of church stuff to the site with in the next few weeks.

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Rogers' LDS Mission to Mongolia
mission mongolia service couple english elder sister missionaries mongolian

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Rutena in Tahiti - 1938
O. Rudeen Allred (Rutena) was a missionary in Tahiti in 1938. Read his daily journal, illustrated with his photographs depicting the life and trials of an LDS missionary in the early days of the Church in Tahiti, the Leeward Islands, and the Tuamotu Archipelago.

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Ryan's Way Cool Web Site
This is my website. A little about me, my belief in the LDS religion, and some of my favorite links.

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Scott’s World
Scott Scheibe’s Home Pages, Biography, Genealogy, Gospel Principles List, testimony, Questions Answered by The Book of Mormon, The Plan of Salvation, lots of links and more!"

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Sculptures by Em - (775) 848-4730

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Sierra Family Website
A family website for reaching out to family and friends. Also contain our family tree, hobbies (like pda, tennis, guitar ...) and photo album.

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Spencer's Page
My personal site. Favorite talks, quotes, and more . . .

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Steve and Kim Shreeve's Adoption Page
We are Steve and Kim Shreeve from Southern California. We are a young, loving LDS couple and are excited about starting our family. Steve is in his last year of medical school and Kim is a dance teacher. Please visit our website to learn more or call us toll-free at 866-687-2700.

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Stripling Warrior: Histories Heroes
Throughout life we look for heros. This page honors some of the greatest real heros of history. Answers in life can be found, in a hero's legacy.

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Teresa Marie Howells aka Gadaki
Information about parental abduction, LDS links, divorce and remarriage information, genealogy and more.

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The Bair Family Web Page
A family web site also containing a star wars and a matrix page.

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The ByondF1.com Internet Empire
Quite possibly the best darn personal web site on the WWW. We have EVERYTHING. Over 30,000 pages and just about any software package you could ever want. Stop by and take a look.

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The Griffith Estate
This page is dedicated to the events and announcements of the Griffiths of Scio, OR.

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The Heather Show
The life of a young Mormon girl in the Washington, DC area. She's a television producer, she runs her own charity, she's an amateur Ferrari racer, she's *this* close to leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

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The Iron Rod
A site that has been developed for people to come and share their love of the Scriptures.

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The Jared Weaver Family Home Page
Entry point to my genealogical, doctrinal, hobby, and other pages.

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The Lowe Zone
Personal Site, includes links to various LDS sites

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The Millennial Star
Popular LDS Blog with a lively cast of contributinf bloggers discussing all kinds of LDS related topics.

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The Ogden Family
A Ogden-Family website including our Family Trees.

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The Sampson's
Come learn all about our family The Sampson's we have lots of fun stuff on our page so please feel free to check us out.

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The Shepherds Crook
My start page to all of my other links...come see my Zion's Best award winning pages...

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The Siever Website
A personal website for the Kim & Mary Siever family.

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Thoughts on LDS - (480) 792-9252
Personal blog describing my views about my religion (LDS). Frequent commentary on whatever I’m reading in the Book of Mormon at the time.
716 E. Geronimo St
Chandler, AZ 85225

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Trinidad & Argentina
We are LDS Web Designers and we love creating uplifting sites. Ours is huge and in it you should find upliftment as well as knowledge of the Saints in Argentina, Trinidad and other parts of the worls. If you have an uplifting site you can apply for an award too!

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Trooper-Taylor's Special World
~*~Even little ones can be HEROES~*~``Take a journey through the life and trials of one of God's special little Angels with Cerebral Palsy and his``special world soaring high with the eagles.

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Web Site Rings
Come join the Proclaim the Book of Mormon Web Ring.

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Wes Walker's Homepage: Opposition to Year Round School
Opposing viewpoint of year-round education.

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Westergard Family Homepage
A small family homepage for reaching out to family and friends.

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Yeshua Way Ministries
A great LDS site fully supporting official LDS online ministries and providing links to them including Mormonfind. Put together by a member of the Modesto Caifornia North Stake, 8th Ward.

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Ask Gramps
What does it mean to part the veil and can I do it?
Is there any scriptural support for our temple ceremonies?
Why arenít Bishops paid as instructed in the Doctrine and Covenants?
Will Christ stand for me if I havenít been faithful to my covenants?
Should my son take off his black nail polish while passing the Sacrament?
How do we explain to a person that America is now Zion?
How can water be divided by water as recorded in the Bible?

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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints tends to digital flock - The Dickinson Press
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